small_hands_dsn (small_hands_dsn) wrote in british_desi,

desi baby!

i'm so happy with how these turned out! cutness for desi babies and great gifts for baby showers too! yay!

small hands designs
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Oh had a look at some of the things on offer and had to callmy Mum and my masi into my room to shout, Jelebi baby at them with glee!

Tried to order something as it's my neice's 1st fbirthday however.....

Would you be able to mail over seas to the UK?
heheh! yes, this is done through cafepress and they ship internationally.

small hands designs

this coupon might still work:
Save $10 off $40
use the code DES158

so happy you like the stuff! :)
Excellent, thank you.

Also, you'll be pleased to know after sending the link to a couple of indian colleagues they have been quite tickled by some of the Desi designs especially too.

Prepare for a couple more UK orders.

All the best to ya ;)

ohh! thank you so much!

i appreciate the british desi support! ;)

small hands designs