Mala (13oct) wrote in british_desi,

Housekeeper wanted - help!

Hi! We have just shifted to London from Montreal, and since I have two kids under two; I am going absolutely nuts in a strange city with out any help. I really need to hire a person who can help me out with my cooking and general housekeeping. As we are of Indian origin, I would love to get some one who can cook any Indian food. Where, and how would I go about hiring someone like this?
Any help and suggestions are very welcome.  
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I imagine the best place to look would be the local papers or the noticeboards in the indian communities or areas. Try Southall or Wembly or thereabouts. You could also advertise online on gumtree or any of those type of websites.

Are you looking specifically for housekeeping or do you want childcare as well?
Thanks so much for your help!:)

I got the childcare thing down pat. That's the easy part! :) What I am finding really difficult is the cooking and cleaning part. I have always had help, (yeah, I know that I am spoilt rotten!) and can't cook to save my life... so yeah... a housekeeper is someone I desperately need.

I haven't really been to Southalll or Wembly so far. Mainly coz I don't need anything from there, and also since I really haven't had the time yet. Hope I am not forced to trek there just to put up notices! *headdesk!*