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british_desi's Journal

British Desi

The Official LJ Community for British Asians
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Welcome to british_desi, the only community catered for us, the 'modern' British Asian - though if you're not from the UK you're still very much welcome to join. Keep to the standard community rules and I'm sure we'll all get on just fine.

Warning: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I respect that, but don't take the piss. Personal attacks, etc etc will not be tolerated and I'll just ban your ass.

PS I hope everyone who uses this community is mature enough to not need a set of rules laid out in writing for them. But saying that, keep posts relevent to british_desi [whatever that means] and use an lj-cut for those oh so large images.

Affiliates: desi_beats

Useful links:

"The best of the BBC's South Asia Content"

AiM is a media industry magazine - "providing news on what South Asians in the media industry are doing, and explores how British media relates to Asians in the UK."

A useful site containing info. about the contributions different immigrant communities have made to Britain

This site is worth a check; also has a discussion board

A British Desi political blog

Another worthwhile read...

The moderator of this community is khaki_29uk.
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